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The Game Sound Smith - Sound Design Credits

Halo Wars Sound Design on the Xbox 360 by J.D. Smith -  Terminator 3: The Redemption Sound Design on the Xbox, PS2 and GameCube by J.D. Smith -  Sound Design for Spy Hunter on the PS2 by J.D. Smith -

J.D. Smith - Audio Director / Sound Designer for MX Rider on the PS2. -  J.D. Smith - Audio Director / Sound Designer for Battle Zone on the PSP. -  Mission Impossible: Operation Surma Sound Design on the Xbox, PS2 and GameCube by J.D. Smith -

J.D. Smith - Audio Director / Sound Designer for Stuntman: Ignition on the Xbox and PS2 from August 2004 to July 2006 -  J.D. Smith - Audio Director / Sound Designer for Big Air freestyle on the GameCube. -  J.D. Smith - Audio Director / Sound Designer for Terminator: Dawn of Fate on the Xbox PS2. -

J.D. Smith - Sound Designer for Duck Dodgers on the N64. -   J.D. Smith - Sound Designer for Beetle Adventure Racing! on the N64. -

J.D. Smith - Sound Designer for Indy Racing League 2000 on the N64. -   J.D. Smith - Sound Designer for Formula One World Grand Prix II on the N64. -

J.D. Smith - Sound Designer for Formula One World Grand Prix III on the N64. -   J.D. Smith - Sound Designer for HSV Adventure Racing! on the N64. -

J.D. Smith - Sound Designer for Skies on the PC. -         J.D. Smith - Sound Designer for Harrier 2001 on the N64. -

Audio Professionals

“As the Audio Lead on Halo Wars, I had the great privilege of working with JD. He has an innate sense for sound design that not only helped create a lush and dynamic environment for the game, but that taught me a great deal about the art of sound design. His ability to balance detail and dynamics with the overall sonic picture is what gave Halo Wars the engaging audio experience it presents. Just as important as his sound design talent (maybe more important) is JD's ability to work through all manner of challenges with professionalism and confidence. Throughout the normal course of development there are no shortages of sweeping changes to the game's design/systems, shifting schedules, or sudden crises that require one to constantly adjust. Halo Wars was no different and JD always successfully met those challenges. Working on a team with JD was a great experience and I am a better game audio developer for having done so. I hope that I'll be able to team up with him again in the future.”
Kevin McMullan, Audio Lead, Ensemble Studios

“I worked with JD for nearly five years at Paradigm while he was Audio Director (He was sorely missed after moving to Ensemble). With such high responsibility as a director, JD kept the corporate starch loose and at arms length, maintaining a great attitude and approachable personality to the audio group. He always kept the lines of communication open and clear, audio tasks in focus and on track, and provided quality sound for implementation in all of our games. Like any successful manager, he allowed each of us in the audio group to do what we did best. I would recommend JD to anyone/everyone and hope to work with him in the future!”
Dustin Nulf, Audio Programmer, Atari

“As the Audio Director at our studio, JD easily does the work that most studios would require 3 people to do. I have worked directly with him for 6 years now and it never ceases to amaze me the amount of high quality work he gets done while working on multiple projects. Any company that JD is working for can rest assured that they have one of the most talented individuals in the field of audio.”
John Rogers, Audio Software Engineer III, Atari

“Though his audio expertise is top notch, it's J.D.'s interpersonal skills that make him a valuable asset. In the modern audio world, it's those who can maintain effective relationships, exhibit grace under pressure and easily perform top quality work under tight deadlines that are indispensable. J.D. has shown all of these qualities on the 8 projects we've worked on together over the past 7 years.”
Bob Daspit, Composer


“Simply put: J.D. Smith is the best sound designer I've ever worked with. He is an exceedingly talented, low-drama, high-output member of the team and the firstperson I'd call should I ever find myself looking to fill this role.”
Ian Fischer, Lead Game Designer, Ensemble Studios

“J.D. is a self-starter & extremely motivated. He has a great focus on quality and is self-conscious of his deadlines. He brings both his years of experience and professionalism to the office every day. I enjoyed working with him and was never afraid of him getting the job done. J.D. is a pleasure to work with and I would definitely enjoy doing so again.”
Josh Hackney, Senior Producer, Atari

“J.D. is one of those rare people who are true artisans at their trade. J.D.'s sound design and audio expertise are second to none. Not only that, but he was one of the most pleasant and easy going people I have ever worked with, and I would work with him again in a heartbeat.”
Steve Stringer, Senior Project Manager, Atari

“JD is a proactive person. He finds solutions to problems, measures risks and finds new ways to go forward in his work. He is very open. The quality of his work is excellent and his human investment in a project is enormous. A highly reliable person with very strong added value. Working relationship: JD was responsible for the sound / music and I was the external producer”
Stephane Calixte, Project Manager, Atari

“I have worked with JD for many years now and find him to be a dependable, proactive, resourceful and an exceptionally talented individual. He is extremely reliable and thorough on audio work produced. He has always managed the audio tasks from inception to final delivery, following up with Design and Software teams, working closely with audio talents, delivering outstanding work every time.”
Mahdad Ansari, Art Production Manager / Game Design, Atari

“I really can't recommend J.D. enough. I am sure that a listen to some of the game soundscapes he has worked on will speak volumes compared to what I can offer here. However, I would at least like to add that he is a pleasure to work with; has a great ear; and has a can-do attitude that is contagious.”
Bill Jackson, Program Manager, Microsoft - Ensemble Studios

“JD's talents in sound have helped bring the projects (games) we worked on to a higher level. He is professional and meticulous in his work. I have enjoyed and appreciated working with him. If you get to work with JD, you'll understand. He has been and I'm sure will be an asset to any team. I would be happy to work with him again”
Cash Case, Art Director, Atari

“JD has a passion for excellence and has created audio environments for Halo Wars that absolutely add another dimension to the game. JD is a pleasure to work with and a great team member.”
Graeme Devine, Lead Game Designer, Microsoft - Ensemble Studios


“Over the past 8 years, I have worked with JD on almost every project from Paradigm to Ensemble. The first thing that comes to mind about JD is that he's one of the most friendly, outgoing, hilarious guys I have ever had the privilege of working with in the industry. Always positive and excited no matter what the circumstances were. Through the years I would come by to hear some of the cool stuff he was working on and was always just blown away by the attention to detail that he put into his sound. Sometimes if he had the materials in his office, he would demonstrate how he would achieve his sound effects and it would just blow me away. He's truly a master of sound. His knowledge of music is staggering as well. Every track that he's composed would give me chills because of the epic quality he delivers. JD is one of many people who I will miss working with not only as a co-worker, but also as a good friend. So if you're looking for someone to take your audio to the next level, JD is your man. I couldn't recommend anyone higher.”
Chris Moffit, 3D Artist, Ensemble Studios

“I had the opportunity to work with JD on a number of projects of the span of 6 years. In that time, JD came through every time. Even when the deadlines were short and the workload was great, the work that JD produced was always of the highest quality and was done at amazing speeds. JD's knowledge of not only his job, but what makes a good game and a great experience have given me the highest confidence in his work. His diligence in his job makes him an asset to any project that he works on. He is one of the hardest workers that I have ever known and an intelligent, thoughtful, and inspiring individual. I am lucky to have had the chance to work with him.”
Woody Smith, Lead Cinematic Artist, Atari

“J.D. Smith is not only a dedicated and driven employee, but has presented himself time and time again as a reliable professional on every occasion with impeccable quality of work. Few in his profession can deliver his caliber of work.”
Mathew Burke, Lead Conceptual Artist, Atari

“JD is a talented sound designer. As an animator I had to work closely with JD throughout the Halo Wars project. I can honestly say it was a lot of fun working with him, and I hope I get that chance again someday.”
Juan Martinez, Animator, Ensemble Studios

“Once an animation was completed he would create the perfect sound effects to accompany the action; helping bring the game to life. He is flexible in his work, making him easy to collaborate with and readily available for critique or suggestion. J.D. is a talented sound designer, quickly generating sounds for countless situations. A great animation is nothing without sound, which made it a pleasure working with someone as dedicated to the craft as J.D.”
Charles Tinney, Character Animator, Microsoft - Ensemble Studios

“J.D. is a MacGyver of Audio. In my years working with him I have seen him take bits of nothing and turn them into a full blown immersive audio experience. A true master of his craft. J.D. always keeps a positive attitude and is more than willing to take time out of his hectic schedule to help anyone in need.”
John Pearl, Senior 3D Artist, Atari

“I worked with JD on the multiplayer map team for Halo Wars. JD was responsible for adding sound to those maps as well as the objects and creatures that populated them. JD was always easy to work with and completed his tasks extremely quickly and with a high level of polish. I don’t think he ever fell behind. So I would have to say his work is top notch and just an all around good guy to have on your team”
Don Gagen, Artist, Microsoft - Ensemble Studios

“J.D.'s environmental sound work brought life to my game maps. In a map where everything else had to be static, his audio made it dynamic. If it were possible, I would hope that wherever I work, J.D. Smith would already be set up with his mixer board and samples, ready for some audio action. Did I mention he's also a truly pleasant guy with whom to work -- easy going and funny?”
Paul Jaquays, Artist, Microsoft - Ensemble Studios


“I have worked with J.D. at two different companies and have always been impressed with his abilities and friendliness. He is technically astute at picking up new programs and working within the engines that the programming team put together. He has always had great working relationships with everyone that I have known. J.D. has contributed so much to Halo Wars; I am very grateful that he joined us to help make the game as successful as it can be.”
Michael Capps, Game Programmer, Ensemble Studios

“JD Smith is not only masterful at his craft and has produced great sounding work, but he is able to do the complete package on any scale. From a last minute effect, to a studio-wide project planned and executed – JD delivers. He produces top-quality work, gives accurate and efficient plans and schedules, and his excellent inter-personal skills allow him to build trusting relationships.”
Eric Best, Senior Programmer III, Atari

“JD and I have been working together for nearly 8 years now. The attention to detail that he puts into his work is unparalleled. JD has always been very creative and flexible when it comes to trying out new audio techniques. I'm always amazed at how much quality audio he can cram into the small resource spaces that are provided by the runtime hardware.”
Brenden Tennant, Senior Software Engineer II, Atari

“I have never known a more engaged person than J.D. He combines a genuine warmth and disarming humility with an absolutely phenomenal set of creative and technical skills in music and sound design. On top of all that, he is so on top of things here, everyone goes to him to find out what's happening. He's an oracle of knowledge and a great friend.”
Brad Robnett, Senior Programmer, Atari

“J.D. is an aficionado of sound. Characters and worlds come to life because of his talent. He has an upbeat personality and is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend JD to any studio that wants to bring their sound department to the next level of excellence.”
Billy Khan, Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft - Ensemble Studios

“I worked with J.D. on multiple projects. He never ceases to impress with the quality of his work and his technical savvy. He is a very professional, high-output member of the team and his work is top-notch. I'd love to work with him again”
Stephane LeBrun, Game Programmer, Microsoft - Ensemble Studios

“JD is a very talented and hard working audio designer with many years of experience. I have worked with JD for almost 9 years and have complete faith in his talent and judgment.”
Shawn Halwes, Programmer, Microsoft - Ensemble Studios

Located in the Dallas, TX area and forging audio needs world-wide.

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